Virtual Office / Department

Our virtual office package provides services needed for your office, without the need to rent or have a physical office. Our virtual department will take care technical services and problems, so you can have a peace of mind.

Managed Website

Our solution serves sites that look great on every screen across devices, from desktop, tablet to mobile smartphone. Create sites with no programming or design skills needed. Secure your sites without requiring IT. Unlike other solutions, we focus on modern, minimalist and clean design.

File Storage, Sharing and Synchronization

We provide an easy and secure way to store, share and synchronize files. You can access documents, photos and videos from any desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

Online Office Productivity Suite

Create and publish texts, spreadsheets, and presentations. Collaborate on files in real time.

Internet of Things

Our internet of things solution provides an easy and secure way to collect, share and ingest data in real-time across multiple applications or devices simultaneously. It allows your application to push updates with minimal changes and manage data centrally for advanced analytics, visualization and machine learning. Example applications: smart home, building, and city

Mixed Reality

Our mixed reality solution allows developers to focus on applications. Support cross platforms. Easy integration with AI and IoT.